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Mandiali Group of Industries 

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The Story

Our story started in the 1970s. Back then our CEO Sheikh Manzoor Ali Mungla had a dream of making an industry with the state of the art machinery to produce top-notch quality paper for the local people. The directors of Mandiali Group are equally passionate as the CEO. A common dream of our directors was to fulfill the CEOs' dream and they successfully succeeded. Today the same directors along with new directors are leading a leading paper producing industry. Our industry is a brand name in the market that is known by every paper vendor. We specialize in making different types of paper products such as Printing Paper, Writing Paper, Graphic Paper, and more. Please visit here for more paper products.


Mandiali Paper Mills was named after its location. As we are located near the village “Mandiali” we decided to name our industry after the village as our main labor force is from “Mandiali”. Our logo features the letters M-P-M as Mandiali Paper Mills.

Our Mission

-Produce Quality Paper In Affordable Prices-